Oil Painting Classes

What will we be doing?

Learn how to paint a portrait

We will work from a photo  and we will draw it on the canvas with the grid technique, from the drawing we will then use oil with a palette of colors typical of the classic Italian painting, then we will work on the context and the background (abstract or figurative) with the use of different colors.

Where is the class happening?

The workshop will take place in my atelier, which is located inside the Gastaig building in Munich.

For whom is this painting class suited?

The workshop is open to everyone with or without experience in painting and drawing, although it could be useful, but not indispensable, this is a technique open to everyone, so without fear and with a lot of passion you will finish your portrait and learn a new technique to start a new artistic search.

Was muss mitgebracht werden?

For the development of this workshop you will need to bring the following materials (please contact me if there is something you can’t get and I will help you) 

  • oil colors (list here
  • palette
  • spatula
  • flat tip brushes numbers (0-2-4-6-10)
  • pencils – sharpener – eraser (art-eraser)
  • sepia ink dye
  • ruler
  • Palettstecker

these materials are basic and you will be able to use them to continue your artistic quest.

Was ist inklusive?

  • canvas support 50 x 70 cm
  • linen oil to work the color
  • printing of the photo in two formats (one B&W with grid and one color)
  • paper to clean brushes and soap (you will also learn how to take care of your brushes for a long life)
  • Caffe – Tea and Water


  • 4 lessons package 280€
  • The duration of Each lesson is 3 hours including a small brake, 1 lesson per week 
  • Minimum number of person 2 maximum 5 
  • Days and hours to be arranged